How To Sign Up on Cross River Pay

How To Sign Up on Cross River Pay

A. Please visit

B. Click on “Login”. it will take you to link below

C. Click on “Set Up Now”, It will take you to

D. Enter any of the following:

 I. Name

 II. phone number


 IV. Email address

 V. Please Note that: Email will be used to set up password.

E. A welcome to Cross River Pay page will be displayed.

 i. Confirm the details displayed are correct and click on “Register”.

 ii. If your Email is incorrect, please change it. And Please Reach out   to CRIRS to effect a permanent Change.

 iii. The following message will be displayed.

“A verification link has been sent to your email, click the link to verify email and create account password.”

 iv. Open your mailbox and look for the mail from “Cross River Pay”.

 v. Click on the link.

 vi. If you don’t see the mail, check your junk or spam mails

 vii. It will take you to a welcome page where you can enter your password word    twice for confirmation.

 viii. Click on Create Password

 ix. That opens up to a sign in page, Sign in with your TIN And password.